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Efficient Farming with Tractor Harrows - Transform Your Land in No Time!

Introducing the Tractor Harrow, a top-of-the-line agricultural equipment designed and manufactured by Zhongke Tengsen (Shandong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. As a leading China-based company and factory, we specialize in manufacturing technologically advanced farming equipment that caters to the needs of farmers. Our Tractor Harrow is a versatile harrowing machine which can be attached to tractors and used to break up lumps of soil, aerate soil and remove weeds, providing an ideal seedbed preparation before planting. It has several spiked discs that work effectively in a wide range of soil conditions, making it perfect for any farm. We understand how important it is to have reliable equipment that lasts for years, and this is why our Tractor Harrow is built to withstand tough conditions. We use the best materials to ensure that our product lasts long and gives farmers the best value for their investment. Count on Zhongke Tengsen (Shandong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. as your go-to manufacturer for all your farming equipment needs, and be assured of superior quality machinery at all times.

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Intelligent Equipment

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