Spring National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Opens Zhongke TESUN Booth Hot Enough

 On the morning of March 28, 2024, the National Spring Agricultural Machinery Exhibition opened at the Zhumadian International Convention and Exhibition Center.


 Booth F04, no LED and neon lights shining, no large sound deafening, but here is a crowded, bursting audience, Zhongke TESUN exhibition of large-scale air-blown precision planter, medium-sized air-blown precision planter and other agricultural equipment, due to the professional, applicable, able to improve the quality of operation and operational efficiency, thus helping to improve the yield of the grain and doubly popular, attracting from the country's main grain-producing areas! It attracted old and new friends from the main grain producing areas of China.


 The theme of Zhongke TESUN 's product display is "High-end machine tools make agricultural production more accurate and efficient", and the combination of products on display includes large hydraulic turning plows, heavy-duty power-driven harrows, high-speed stubble harrows, and a variety of air-blown and air-absorbing seeders and other advanced and applicable agricultural equipment, many of which are equipped with a chip that can realize the electric drive and numerical control operations.


Post time: Apr-07-2024
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