2BGF series versatile precision grain drill


2BGF series versatile precision grain drill

Short Description:

The precision grain drill combined with the power driven harrow reduces the number of tractor passes, enabling the completion of soil pulverization, leveling, compaction, fertilization, seeding, soil compaction, and covering in one operation. This greatly improves the quality and efficiency of the operation and reduces costs.

The soil pulverization effect is good, with high evenness of leveling, effectively optimizing the plough layer to meet the agricultural requirements of smoothness, evenness, looseness, pulverization, cleanliness, and moisture, providing an ideal seedbed for seeds. The seed sowing is uniform with high consistency in sowing depth, achieving full, even, uniform, and robust germination, and significantly enhancing the crop’s anti-lodging ability, resulting in a more than 10% increase in income.

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1. The dual-disc seed drill with a mimic function and equipped with an independent compaction wheel ensures consistent seeding depth and even emergence. The high-strength and wear-resistant S-shaped covering harrow ensures reliable operation.

2. The nail-wheel multi-functional planter is adopted to achieve accurate and uniform planting, with a wide range of seeds suitable for planting grains such as wheat, barley, alfalfa, oats, and rapeseed.

3. The seed tank capacity is increased to reduce the number of refilling, thereby improving work efficiency. An optional split fertilizer box and integrated fertilizer and seed box with a larger capacity enable precise adjustment of fertilization depth.

4. The use of a stepless variable speed oil-immersed gear box allows for precise adjustment of the seeding rate and reduces seed costs.

5. The anti-slip and widened working platform facilitates seed refilling and improves safety.

6. The needle-driven wheel is used between two planting rows to accurately measure the traveling speed. The intelligent control terminal has a shaking function that can calibrate the seed sowing amount in advance.

Product Specification

Model 2BGF-16 2BGF-20 2BGF-24
Working lines 16 20 24
Line space(mm) 150 150 150
Working width (mm) 2500 3000 3500
Power(HP) 130-170 180-250 220-300
Working efficiency(hm3/h) 0.76-3 0.9-3.6 1.1-4.7
Dimension(mm) 2700x2710x1800 2700x3200x1800 2700x3700x1800

Feature of 2BGF Series

2BGF Series Versatile Precision Grain Drill01

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Versatile Precision Grain Drill2
Versatile Precision Grain Drill3
Versatile Precision Grain Drill4

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