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Zhongke Tengsen (Shandong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Zhongke Tengsen") takes promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry as its own responsibility, is oriented at the value creator as the foundation, and pursues specialization, delicacy and winning based on value.

Our Company is engaged in advanced casting, prime transmission, precision structural parts, intelligent equipment and overseas business. We adopt new materials, new processes, new technologies, digital production means and management systems, and serve to provide our customers with various products such as castings, prime transmission, precision structural parts and intelligent equipment. 

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Business Scope

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In the sector of advanced casting business, we resort to static pressure molding process, resin sand molding process, 30 printing and Al parts grinding technology to research and develop and manufacture various prime cast steel, cast iron and aluminum alloy products.

In the sect of prime transmission business, we make use of chain innovation, high-performance machining center, advanced production line and heat treatment process to research and develop and manufacture prime electronic control, gearbox and transmission assemblies.

In the sector of precision structural pa叫s business, we provide our customers with precision structural parts products by means of digitalization and molding processing, advanced coating process and testing equipment.

In the sector of intelligent equipment business, we are committed to digitalization and Al empowerment machinery and equipment, and engaged in developing and manufacturing intelligent equipment such as cash crop harvesters, self-driving lawn mowers, horticultural tillers and combined planters.

In the sector of overseas business, we cooperate with excellent companies in Japan, Germany, Ukraine, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions in terms of technology and market, and strive to build an international trade platform for machinery, equipment and parts.

Our Company adheres to environmental friendliness and is working to be responsible for employees, society and the country.

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