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1.2024 Heilongjiang Agricultural Machinery Products Exhibition and Trade Fair

   Exhibition time

      16-18 March 2024

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  Exhibition Venue

     Heilongjiang Automobile and Agricultural Machinery Market

     (No.76 Songbei Avenue, Songbei District, Harbin, China)

2.2024 The 11th Neimenggu Agricultural Machinery Expo

  Exhibition time

     26-28 March 2024

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  Exhibition Venue

     Neimenggu International Convention and Exhibition Centre

     (Intersection of Hohhot University Freeze and Silk Road Avenue)

3.2024 National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

  Exhibition time

     28-30 March 2024

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  Exhibition Venue

     Zhumadian International Convention and Exhibition Centre

     (Northwest of the intersection of Open Source Avenue and Wufengshan Avenue, Zhumadian City)

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Hydraulic Reversible Plough

• Various models are available, ranging from 3 to 7 plowshares, suitable for tractors with power ranging from 150-400 horsepower.

• The plough is lightweight and easy to pull, good mulch for stubble.

• Light weight, high hardness, good elasticity, long service life.

• Plough tips with high hardness wear-resistant coating for long service life.

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Heavy-duty Power-driven Harrow

• Available in widths of 2-6 meters, covering tractors in the 60-350 horsepower range.

• Suitable for working on farmland with hard soil, can be used for working on plots with gravel, roots, etc.

• Unique vertical rotation method prepares the soil for sowing in one step, integrates straw into the soil, aids its conversion into organic fertilizer, and boosts crop yield.

• The gearbox is adjustable in two speeds and can be matched to different soils for greater adaptability.

• The harrow tine with a special wear-resistant layer welded to the surface, which in practice can work from 3,000 to 10,000 acres.

• The reinforced leveling plate design provides a more through leveling of the moisture groove, The plot is smoother after operation, the water is evenly distributed during irrigation, saving water, and the sowing depth can be guaranteed to be the same when sowing.

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Deep Loosening Combined Tillage Machine

• Available in widths of 3.5-6 meters, covering tractors in the 240-360 horsepower range.

• Completes stubble killing, deep loosening, soil crushing, moisture consolidation, leveling, and suppression in one operation, reducing the number of machine entries, improving operational efficiency, and lowering operational costs.

• Uses boron steel reinforced main auxiliary hook shovels, the working depth can reach 30cm, combined spring overload protection structure effectively prevents plow hook breakage, improving operation stability.

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High-Speed Stubble-Killing Harrow

• Available in widths of 4.5-9.5 meters, covering tractors in the 200-400 horsepower range.

• Completes stubble killing, stubble mixing, soil loosening. Fine harrowing, and leveling operations in one pass.

• Harrowing depth of 10-15cm, optimal operating speed of 10-18km/h, fully meeting sowing conditions after harrowing.

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Medium-Duty Pneumatic No-Tillage Planter

• Available from 2 to 12 rows, covering the 60-360 hp range.

• Seed and fertilizer sown together, various crop such as corn, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, etc. can be sowed.

• The seeding operation speed can reach 9-12km/h.

• Mechanical and electrically driven options available, ventilator can be driven by either PTO or hydraulic motors.

• The beam is equipped with a scale adjustment gauge, which makes it easy to adjust the spacing of sowing rows, row-by-row miss-seeding alarm system, effectively avoiding the risk of miss-seeding.

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Compound Precision Row Planter

• Multiple models with 2-4 meter are available, with a standard row spacing of 150mm. Customizable row spacing of 125mm, 90mm, 300mm, and adjustable row spacing are available.

• The combination of a power-driven harrow and precision row seeder reduces the number of tractors passes, completing the processes of soil crushing, leveling, suppression, fertilization, seeding and soil covering in one pass.

• Spiral combination seeding wheel provides precise and uniform seeding. With a wide seeding range, it can sow grains such as wheat, barley, alfalfa, oats and rapeseed.

• The double-disc seeding unit with contour-following functionality and independent suppression wheel ensures consistent seeding depth and neat seeding emergence.

• Optional electronic control device, hyperbolic compatibility, one-key calibration of the number of seed to be planted, seed detection per row, and leakage alarms.

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Pneumatic High-Speed Planter

• 18, 28, 32 rows in a single planting, suitable for row seeding of various small-grain seeds such as wheat, barley, rapeseed, alfalfa. Ensures seeding quality at operating ranging from 10-20km/h, making more efficient.

• Simple computer operation provides real-time monitoring and alarm for hydraulic fan speed, seeding, fertilizer, etc. High degree of automation ensures more reliable operation.

• Advanced pneumatic action, avoiding the traditional planter heavy seeding, effectively ensure the high-speed sowing operation of the precise amount of uniformity.

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Post time: Mar-18-2024
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