High-Speed Stubble-Killing Harrow


High-Speed Stubble-Killing Harrow

Short Description:

Completes stubble killing, stubble mixing, soil loosening, fine harrowing, and leveling operations in one pass.
Harrowing depth of 10-15cm, optimal operating speed of 10-18km/h, fully meeting sowing conditions after harrowing.
Suitable for tillage operations on corn stubble, wheat stubble, soybean stubble, pumpkin stubble, hemp stubble, sunflower stubble, peanut stubble, etc.
Small spacing between harrow blades, one operation can match the effect of two traditional heavy harrow operations, widely used for “seedbed” preparation before sowing, making it the ideal choice for “conservation tillage”.
Series of products with 3-12 meters operating widths, allowing for the best match based on different plot sizes and different tractor traction powers, offering wide adaptability.

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Product Feature

1、High-strength alloy steel harrow frame, ensuring smooth operation of the whole machine, lightweight and reliable.
2、Harrow arms are precision-cast in one mold, forming a perfect operating angle with the harrow blades, ensuring stable operation at high-speed heavy loads without lateral deviation.
3、Harrow arms use an independent suspension, elastic connection design, achieving overload protection, and good soil loosening effects.
4、High-strength wear-resistant toothed suppression roller, offering better soil crushing, leveling, and compaction effects.
5、High-strength harrow blades and maintenance-free bearings, suitable for heavy-duty operations, wear-resistant, durable, and low failure rate; harrow groups are symmetrically staggered, offering good stubble killing, soil turning, and covering effects.
6、Unique folding method, ensuring the entire machine width meets transportation requirements, easy and quick to operate.

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