The Zhongke Tengsen traction-heavy no-tillage seeder has been launched

The launch of the Zhongke Tengsen traction-heavy no-tillage seeder has brought great convenience to agricultural production. This product is a new release by Zhongke Tengsen following the successful launch of the precision seeder in 2021 and the medium-sized pneumatic precision seeder in 2022, which have achieved outstanding market performance. The feature of this seeder is that it can complete no-tillage (or reduced-tillage) seeding and fertilization operations in fields covered with straw residue, and can complete the seeding of larger seeds such as soybeans, sorghum, and corn in one go.

No-tillage farming works to reduce soil erosion by leaving crop residues on the soil surface to protect it from wind and water erosion. Traditional tillage involves ploughing the soil which can lead to soil erosion, soil compaction and runoff, but no-till farming offers an alternative solution to these problems. The seeder is specifically designed to plant crops in no-tillage soil, where straw or other residues from harvested crops remain on the soil surface.

This method of farming has grown in popularity and can significantly contribute to sustainable agriculture by minimizing soil erosion, improving soil fertility, reducing water usage, and promoting biodiversity. The use of this seeder helps to promote sustainable agricultural practices by eliminating the need for tillage and minimizing the effects of agriculture on the environment. Furthermore, no-till farming rates more favorably in terms of carbon capture and storage, contributing to climate change mitigation.

This product is an iterative no-tillage seeder developed by Zhongke Tengsen through the absorption of advanced European and American technology, independent research and development, and careful craftsmanship. The machine adopts a platform and modular design concept, and is benchmarked against high-end standards in terms of basic materials, manufacturing processes, and quality control. The structural components such as the frame are processed digitally and welded by robots, and the core parts are provided by domestic and foreign professional suppliers. The entire production process of the machine is completed on an automated assembly line, followed by individual bench testing and qualification before being stored in the warehouse.

After operation verification in different regions, crops, and agricultural conditions, the main performance indicators of product adaptability, reliability, and operational efficiency can reach the same level as that of international high-end brands. The launch of this product marks the addition of a new member to China's domestic new efficient seeder family, providing new support for the modernization of China's agriculture.

The Zhongke Tengsen traction-heavy no-tillage seeder has been launched1
The Zhongke Tengsen traction-heavy no-tillage seeder has been launched0

Post time: Apr-28-2023
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