Satellite Land Leveler


Satellite Land Leveler

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Featuring gooseneck traction design for lower resistance and adaptability across various terrains and soils. Maximum working width is up to 4.5m for high efficiency. With maximum wheelbase of 2.9m and adjustable rear wheelbase, field transfers are made more convenient.
The machine can operate up to a width of 4.5m and a distance of 50km.
Wireless signal transmission allows for land leveling operations without limitations from terrain elevation differences.
Allows all-weather operation, unaffected by adverse weather conditions.
Stable system, supporting both slope and horizontal leveling.
Real-time data feedback allows for remote monitoring of operations.
The ground base station can be used with navigation, making it more versatile.
Chinese and English operation interfaces switch, making operation more convenient.

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Comprehensive Benefits

1、Irrigation water savings of 30~50%
By leveling the land, irrigation uniformity is increased, soil and water loss is reduced, agricultural water use efficiency is improved, and water costs are reduced.
2、Fertilizer utilization rate increases by over 20%
After land leveling, the applied fertilizer is effectively retained at the roots of the crops, improving fertilizer utilization and reducing environmental pollution.
3、Crop yield increases by 20~30%
High-precision land leveling increases yield by 20~30% compared to traditional scraping technology, and by 50% compared to unscraped land.
4、Land leveling efficiency improves by over 30%
System automatically controls the amount of soil scraped during leveling, shortening the land leveling operation time to a minimum.

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