Russian customers visit Zhongke Tengsen Company to determine cooperation intention.

At the end of May, Russian customers visited Zhongke Tengsen Company, a Chinese agricultural machinery giant, with the aim of deepening the cooperation and determining the intention to collaborate. The customers showed great interest in Zhongke Tengsen Company's manufacturing capabilities and technical strength.

During the visit, the customers toured Zhongke Tengsen Company's modern workshops, with a focus on the main agricultural machinery produced by the company, such as hydraulic reversible plows, power-driven rakes, and no-till seeders. They highly praised Zhongke Tengsen Company's professional expertise and advanced equipment in agricultural machinery manufacturing. The customers carefully observed each step of the production line and engaged in in-depth discussions with the company's engineers and technicians.

Subsequently, the customer representatives also visited the tractor manufacturing workshop. Tractors, as important tools in agricultural production, received special attention from the customer representatives. They showed great interest in the quality and performance of Zhongke Tengsen Company's tractors and raised a series of professional questions to the staff.

After multiple in-depth discussions and technical exchanges, the Russian customers reached an intention to place orders for agricultural machinery and tractors with Zhongke Tengsen Company. According to the cooperation agreement, Zhongke Tengsen Company will provide customized high-quality agricultural machinery and tractors to the Russian customers, along with after-sales service and technical support.

This visit by the Russian customers further solidified Zhongke Tengsen Company's leading position in the international market and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties. Zhongke Tengsen Company will continue to uphold the values of high quality, innovation, and reliability, strive to meet customer needs, and make greater contributions to the development of the global agricultural machinery industry.

Through this collaboration, the friendly cooperative relationship between Zhongke Tengsen Company and the Russian customers will be further strengthened, jointly promoting the development and prosperity of the agricultural sector in both countries. It will also provide strong support for Zhongke Tengsen Company to explore more international markets and further expand its overseas development path.


Post time: Jun-05-2023
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