1BQ series power driven harrow


1BQ series power driven harrow

Short Description:

The TESUN 1BQ Power-Driven Harrow series products, incorporating advanced European technology, have achieved international first-class product quality, creating higher value for customers.

The adjustable left and right side boards effectively prevent the formation of ridges and ditches during operation.

The encrypted harrow seat design improves the soil crushing effect.

The multifunctional frame can be matched with various sowing machines for composite operation.

The internal parts of the gearbox have undergone advanced international heat treatment processes for more reliable performance.

The harrow teeth are made of alloy materials and have increased wear-resistant layers for longer service life.

Equipped with overload protection transmission shaft to reduce the impact of overload on the transmission system.

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Product Feature

1.The dimensional composite operation can complete the tasks of soil fragmentation, compaction, leveling, and achieve the agricultural requirements of "flat, even, loose, fragmented, clean, and moist", providing a good seedbed for seeds in one go.

2.The unique vertical rotation soil fragmentation method can achieve the state of planting readiness in one operation, while also pressing the straw into the soil, which is beneficial for the conversion of straw into organic fertilizer and can increase crop yields.

3. The gearboxes adopt advanced European technology and international famous bearings, making the performance more reliable.

4. The encrypted long-body differential gearbox structure design has two extra sets of rake teeth compared to similar products, resulting in better soil fragmentation effects.

5. The gears and transmission shafts are made of high-strength alloy steel and processed with international advanced heat treatment technology, ensuring more stable quality.

6. The rake teeth are made of high-strength alloy material, with better wear resistance and torsional resistance.

7. The heavy-duty compaction roller structure design has better compaction, water retention, and moisture retention effects.

8. The strengthened leveling plate design can thoroughly level and trench the soil.

Product Specification

Model 1BQ-2.5 1BQ-3.0 1BQ-3.5 1BQ-4.0
Working width(mm) 2500 3000 3500 4000
Power (HP) 90-140 110--160 140-210 160-260
Weight without PTO (kg) 1500 1690 1960 2150
PTO Speed 1000 1000 1000 1000
Tine Number(Unit) 20 24 28 32
Dimension (mm) 1450x2620x1240 1450x3120x1240 1450x3620x1240 1450x4120x1240

Feature of 1BQ Series

1BQ Series Power Driven Harrow01

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Power Driven Harrow1
Power Driven Harrow2
Power Driven Harrow.
Power Driven Harrow4

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