Heavy-Duty Power-Driven Harrow


Heavy-Duty Power-Driven Harrow

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Heavy-duty power-driven harrow completes soil loosening, crushing, leveling, and suppression in one pass, boasting a compact structure, high operational efficiency, and strong adaptability.
Plowing layer after operation is level, solid on top and loose below, conserving water and moisture, creating a high-quality seedbed for mechanized sowing.
Heavy-duty structure adapts to different operating conditions, with a working width of 2-6m, satisfying more power demands.
The 6m model uses a foldable design, achieving wide operation and narrow transportation, making it more versatile.
Main transmission components use high-strength materials and large modulus design, offering strong load-bearing capacity, adapting to high-load operations, and lower failure rate.
Optional seeding machine products can be fitted for combined operation (except for the foldable model), completing harrowing and sowing in one pass, reducing operational costs, and increasing efficiency.

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1、Gearbox adopts integrated welded structure, providing higher strength and rigidity, strong torsion resistance, low noise, and stable operation.
2、Two-speed adjustable gearbox matches well with the tractor, adapting to various soil conditions.
3、The drive shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel and fitted with high-standard spherical double-row deep groove ball bearings, offering a larger load-bearing capacity.
4、High-strength, wear-resistant alloy harrow teeth offer excellent soil crushing and wear resistance, significantly extending service life and adapting to a variety of soil types.
5、The folding mechanism uses a hydraulic dual-cylinder design, achieving wide operation and narrow transportation, extending the operational range; three sets of high-strength gearboxes ensure the strength of the whole machine.
6、Individually adjustable wear-resistant coating scraper plates offer good scraping effects and a long service life.

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