Heavy-Duty Air-Suction No-Tillage Seeder


Heavy-Duty Air-Suction No-Tillage Seeder

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Excellent No-Tillage seeding effect, seeding unit ground pressure can reach 220kg, completing the processes of trenching, side fertilization, stubble breaking, seeding, soil covering, and suppression in one pass.
High seeding precision, advanced air-suction precision seeding system, preventing double seeding and empty holes, not damaging the seeds, with high plant spacing consistency.
Wide applicability, by changing the seeding disc, various crops such as corn, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, etc., can be sowed.
Fast operation speed, the seeding operation speed can reach 9-12km/h.
Precise seeding monitoring, monitors the seeding status, automatic alarm for abnormal seeding, ensuring accurate seeding without omission.
Reliable performance, high-strength manganese steel double-beam design, increasing the distance between the fertilizer outlet and the trenching disc, effectively avoiding accumulation caused by excessive stubble and straw.

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1.304 Stainless steel reinforced fertilizer box, corrosion-resistant, high strength, long service life.
2.Advanced air-suction precision seeding system, easy seed disc replacement and maintenance.
3.420mm double disc trencher, equipped with front cutting wheel and straw clearing wheel, good stubble clearing and trenching effect.
4.PTO drive shaft with protection device, high transmission efficiency, stable speed, precise plant spacing.
5.Reinforced fertilizer leg structure, strong trenching ability, good fertilization effect.
6.Row-by-row miss-seeding alarm system, effectively avoiding the risk of miss-seeding.

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