Hydraulic reversible plow with adjustable working width


Hydraulic reversible plow with adjustable working width

Short Description:

It adopts advanced hydraulic telescopic cylinder, and the working width can be easily adjusted in multiple stages to meet different operational requirements. The integrated design of the sub-plow device provides better coverage effect, and the stubble coverage rate can reach over 95% in high stubble areas. The product has a wide range of applications and strong adaptability.

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1. It comes with 3-7 furrows and can be powered by a tractor with 150 to 400 horsepower, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
2. The hydraulic cylinder ensures sufficient clearance for the plow during reversing. The operation is simple and the reversing is smooth, while also protecting the reversible plow.
3. The key components are all made of high-strength special steel, which is strong and wear-resistant with higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption.
4. The plow body made of special process is not easy to clay and has good effect of tilling and crushing soil with lighter working load.
5. Depth-limiting and transporting dual-purpose wheels is more convenient to adjustment and has better adaptability.
6. Famous hydraulic system assures the reliable quality and higher efficiency.
7. The plowshare tower made of high-strength steel has more reasonable structure and can bear heavy working load.
8. With the double-acting steering ocylinder and built-in automation anti-shift positioning pin, the steering is precise and the reversing is smooth.
9. The plow beam is made of high-strength alloy material, which has strong strength, good toughness and long service life.
10. The optimizing adjustment device can quickly adjust the traction line and eliminate the side tension.

Product Specification

Model 1LF-360 1LF-440 1LF-450 1LF-460 1LF-550A 1LF-550 1LF-560 1LF-650 1LF-750
the number of furrow 6(3x2) 8(4x2) 8(4x2) 8(4x2) 10(5x2) 10(5x2) 10(5x2) 12(6x2) 14(7x2)
Single furrow working width (mm) 530/600 350/400 440/500 530/600 500 440/500 530/600 440/500 440/500
Max. working width (mm) 1800 1600 2000 2400 2500 2500 3000 3000 3000
Longitudinal distance (mm) 1200 930 1000 1200 1000 1000 1200 1000 1000
Power (HP) 150-180 140-180 160-210 210-240 210-260 210-260 260-320 260-320 280-400
Beam size (mm) 140x140 120x120 120x120 140x140 140x140 140x140 140x140 160x160 160x160
Beam ground distance (mm) 90 85 85 90 85 85 90 85 85

Feature of 1LF Series

Hydraulic reversible plow with adjustable working width01

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