1ZLZ series combined cultivation machine


1ZLZ series combined cultivation machine

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The 1ZLZ series combined cultivation machine is currently widely used as a pre-sowing land preparation machinery. It transforms the traditional single operation into a combined duplex operation. With one operation of the integrated land preparation machine, the purpose of crushing soil, leveling land, retaining moisture, and precise cultivation can be achieved, fully meeting the agricultural technology requirements of seedbeds. Practice has proven that compared with multiple operations, the cost of this machine is reduced by 40%. The integrated land preparation operation for shallow loosening on dry land increases yield by 15-20% compared to deep plowing and loosening.

During the operation of this machine, the front disc harrow group loosens and crushes the soil, and then the leveling tine plate levels, breaks, and compacts the soil. The subsequent soil crusher further breaks and compresses the soil, while causing the small clods and fine soil particles thrown up to fall on the surface, thus blocking the underground water evaporation and forming an ideal seedbed with upper porosity and lower density.

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1. The combination of multiple working parts cooperates with each other to complete the loosening, crushing, leveling, and compaction in one operation, meeting the requirements for loosening and crushing with a porous and dense tillage layer structure that can retain water, preserve moisture, and provide high quality, efficiency, and energy saving features.

2. The tool is equipped with a harrow group adjuster, which can easily adjust the angle of the harrow group to adapt to different soils.

3. Equipped with a unique soil compactor, the machine can easily repair and level the wheel marks left by the tractor during operation, resulting in a better land preparation effect.

4. The fully floating and maintenance-free bearing seat allows the harrow group to float and alleviate the impact on the machine when it encounters hard objects during operation. Each side of the bearing has four oil seals, which effectively ensure that the bearings are not damaged and require no maintenance.

5. The standard double-headed shovel tip and three-sided furrow wings can effectively break up the compacted soil and make the soil more cultivable.

6. High-quality steel is used for key components such as the main beam and frame, which are strengthened as necessary.

7. Custom-made U-bolts that have undergone special heat treatment are used in conjunction with high-strength bolts.

8. International quality hydraulic cylinders are more reliable.

Product Specification

Model 1ZLZ-3.6 1ZLZ-4.3 1ZLZ-4.8 1ZLZ-5.6 1ZLZ-7.2
Dimension(mm) 6000x3800x1300 6200x4500x1300 6600x5300x1300 6800x6100x1300 7200x7200x1360
Weight(kg) 2460 2560 2660 3100 4200
Working width(mm) 3600 4200 4800 5600 7200
Working depth(mm) 100 100 100 100 100
Disc diameter(mm) 460 460 460 460 460
Disc space(mm) 170 170 170 170 170
Disc number(mm) 40 48 56 64 84
Power(Hp) 70-100 80-120 100-150 120-200 160-220

Feature of 1ZLZ Series

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