Deep Loosening Combined Tillage Machine


Deep Loosening Combined Tillage Machine

Short Description:

Completes stubble killing, deep loosening, soil crushing, moisture consolidation, leveling, and suppression in one operation, reducing the number of machine entries, improving operational efficiency, and lowering operational costs.
Reduces the average tillage operation time by 8-10 days, effectively extending the crop growth cycle and increasing the annual effective accumulated temperature.
The soil granular structure of the tillage layer is preserved, effectively achieving water storage and moisture retention.
Can break through the plow bottom layer, increasing soil depth, creating a reasonable structure of loose soil and compact surface for tilled land, effectively ensuring crop root growth, and enhancing crop lodging resistance.

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Product Feature

1、Frame uses manganese steel material, offering strong impact resistance and good toughness.
2、Combined spring overload protection structure effectively prevents plow hook breakage, improving operation stability.
3、Uses boron steel reinforced main and auxiliary hook shovels, the working depth can reach 30cm, adaptable to various ground conditions.
4、Uses rod-type wave-shaped suppression rollers, offering good soil suppression effects with wide adaptability.
5、Perfect hydraulic folding structure, making field transfers more convenient.
6、Side discs use an adjustable angle design, providing better soil leveling effects.

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