Pneumatic High-Speed Seeder


Pneumatic High-Speed Seeder

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Completes stubble elimination, stubble mixing, soil loosening, fertilizing, soil crushing, compacting, seeding, and suppression in one pass, providing precision, efficiency, and intelligent operation.
The seed and fertilizer distribution tower evenly disperses and transports seeds and fertilizer, enhancing efficiency.
The seeding unit uses a double-disc opener for strong stubble cutting and high-precision seeding. The opener disc uses maintenance-free bearings, ensuring low failure rate and longevity.
Large capacity seed and fertilizer boxes reduce the frequency of refilling seeds and fertilizer, improving operational efficiency.
Each row is equipped with a blockage sensor, which real-time monitors the seeding and fertilizing conditions, preventing missed seeding or fertilizer interruption.
High-precision seed and fertilizer applicators make seeding and fertilizing more precise and efficient.
Simple computer operation provides real-time monitoring and alarm for hydraulic fan speed, seeding, fertilizing, etc. High degree of automation ensures more reliable operation.
Suitable for row seeding of various small-grain seeds such as wheat, barley, rapeseed, alfalfa. Ensures seeding quality at operating speeds ranging from 10-20 km/h, making operation more efficient.

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1、Dual-row cross-notched harrow blades integrate soil loosening, leveling, and crushing, making them suitable for seedbed preparation under various soil conditions.
2、Parallel wheel press rollers ensure high-quality compaction effects, providing better seedbed conditions for seeding.
3、Precise radar speed measurement and perfect seed rotor, equipped with a separate contour-following seeding unit, achieve precise and uniform seeding, with consistent seeding depth and neat seedling emergence.
4、One-touch screen electronic control system is simple and reliable to operate.
5、Precise side-deep fertilization ensures an effective distance between fertilizer and seeds, improving fertilizer utilization rate and allowing seeds to absorb nutrients more fully.
6、Hydraulic drive adjustable high-volume fan can meet the demand for seed and fertilizer amounts in different regions.

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