9YFQ-2250 square straw feed baler


9YFQ-2250 square straw feed baler

Short Description:

The 9YFQ-2250 square straw feed baler is a new product independently developed by TESUN based on the advantages of similar products. The machine has a simple structure, easy operation, stable performance, and reliable operation. The 9YFQ-2250 square straw feed baler is used with a tractor of 110kW or more, and can automatically pick up, crush, rub, remove soil, and wrap the straw of crops such as corn, wheat, and sorghum. The machine is mainly used for harvesting straw for animal feed and meets the needs of most planting and breeding households in China. It has the advantages of compact structure, superior performance, high work efficiency, reliable quality, low failure rate, and all performance indicators meet national requirements.

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Multi-functional and High-efficiency
Picking up, crushing, kneading, removing soil, and packing can be completed in one go, turning straw into livestock feed at once. It is an advanced and automated flexible production line in the industry, precise and efficient, with high-quality craftsmanship.

High configuration and Good results
The machine is equipped with 22 large hammer claws, compared with 18 claws on the market, it can pick up and crush more thoroughly. The upgraded knife and soft wire mechanism is faster and more convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Automatic/Manual One-click Switching
It can be switched between automatic and manual modes with one click. It can automatically weigh, wrap and package, saving time and labor costs. The short net wrapping device can be optionally equipped to meet the needs of different users.

High performance and Durable
The widened straight pick-up channel allows more and smoother passage of forage, reducing the likelihood of blockages. The secondary kneading chamber is covered with manganese steel lining, making it more durable.

High quality and High income
Equipped with a high-quality wide pick-up device with a width of 2.25 meters, it can pick up more forage, improve efficiency, and increase user income.

Multi-purpose and Strong applicability
It is suitable for straw of various crops such as corn, soybean, wheat, and forage; it can bale standing, flat-laid, and machine-harvested straw, with strong practicality.

The core components (axles, motors, gearboxes, valve groups, etc.) adopt first-class brands, and the quality is guaranteed. The quick heat dissipation oil tank has a 430L enlarged double-sided heat dissipation oil tank, which dissipates heat quickly and efficiently, effectively ensuring the stability of machine operation. The laser cutting and three-dimensional flexible welding ensure the smoothness and stability of the board edges, making the machine more robust and durable.

Product Specification

Model 9YFQ-2250
Pick-up width(mm) 2250
Weight(kg) 5400
Power(HP) 110
Bale size(mm) 800x450x350
Dimension(mm) 5200x3200x3900

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