MG450-A stationary edamame harvesting machine


MG450-A stationary edamame harvesting machine

Short Description:

The MG450-A Stationary edamame machine is a new generation edamame sheller independently developed by our company after several years of product upgrades and improvements, and benchmarking international advanced technology. This machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, stable performance, reliable work, and low edamame pod damage and loss rates. It mainly consists of five parts: feeding, clamping and conveying, stem-pod separation, cleaning and selection, and pod output.

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Product Feature

High performance, high reliability, and high adaptability.

The clamping system adopts a fully sealed design to prevent soil from entering and ensure the cleanliness of the edamame pods.
The shelling roller adopts a flexible shelling structure with adjustable clearance, which has good shelling effect, low breakage rate, and is suitable for picking multiple varieties.
The adjustable straw clamping and positioning structure is suitable for different crop requirements.
The toothed clamping chain adopts a multi-spring pressing structure for more stable clamping.
The conveyor belt adopts a labyrinth sealing structure to prevent soil and bean leaves from entering.
The machine can achieve speed adjustment to meet the needs of different varieties.
It can be equipped with various power sources such as diesel engines, gasoline engines, and electric motors to meet different operational requirements.
This edamame sheller is an essential piece of equipment for any farm, as it is designed to save you time and increase productivity. With its efficient design, it can shell your edamame quickly and easily, allowing you to get on with other important tasks.
Our edamame sheller is also easy to maintain, as it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Its high-quality construction stands up to the daily rigors of farm life, ensuring that you can depend on it for years to come.

Product Specification

Model MG450-A
Dimension(mm) 3230x1165x1195
Weight(kg) 468
Power(HP) 3.3
Min. ground clerance(mm) 200
Shelling type roller
Fan type Centrifugal

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Stationary Edamame machine4
Stationary Edamame machine5
Stationary Edamame machine6

MZ600-A Self-Propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine

The MZ600-A self-propelled edamame harvesting machine developed by TESUN adopts advanced Japanese technology and can complete shelling, separation, bagging, and field transportation at one time. It integrates the workflow, improves work efficiency, and reduces edamame harvesting costs, further enhancing the level of mechanization in the edamame industry.

MZ600-A Self-propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine

Product Feature

Track: The machine is equipped with 44 high-pattern thick rubber tracks, which have a smaller ground pressure ratio and strong passing ability.

Automatic lifting and bagging system: The automatic lifting and bagging system is convenient and practical, improves automation level, and reduces labor intensity and the number of workers.

Weight support wheel: The machine is equipped with a rider-type weight support wheel structure, which makes the chassis and tracks more evenly loaded and reliable.

Cross plate: The front and right sides of the machine are equipped with a folding external cross plate structure, which ensures efficient operation and makes transportation more convenient.

MZ600-A Self-propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine1


The MZ600-A harvesting machine is the perfect addition to any edamame farm. It not only boosts your productivity, but it also provides a high level of mechanization in the edamame industry. With this machine, you can take your edamame farming to the next level.

Our self-propelled edamame harvesting machine is designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow and streamline the entire harvesting process. The machine is highly durable, reliable, and easy to operate, making it the perfect solution for both experienced and novice farmers.

The MZ600-A harvesting machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures maximum efficiency and precision. The machine's automatic shelling, separation, and bagging system ensures that your edamame crop is harvested with the utmost care and attention to detail. The machine is designed to minimize damage to your crop and ensure that you get the highest possible yield.

MZ600-A Self-propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine2

Product Specification

Model MZ600-A
Dimension(mm) 4150x2100x1890
Weight(kg) 1450
Power(HP) 16.04
Min. ground clerance(mm) 320
Shelling type roller
Fan type Centrifugal

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MZ600-A Self-propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine3
MZ600-A Self-propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine4
MZ600-A Self-propelled Edamame Harvesting Machine5

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