4WD mechanic transmission for crops harvesters


4WD mechanic transmission for crops harvesters

Short Description:

Model Matching: 4WD Harvester

Technical Parameters: 1.636 1.395 1.727 1.425

Weight: 64kg/unit

The installation speed ratio of the whole vehicle is selected based on the different rear axle configurations chosen by the user, to ensure synchronization between the front and rear wheels.

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4WD Transmission

Product Feature:
(1) The engagement sleeve gear shifting is adopted to reduce the impact and noise during shifting, making the shifting light and flexible. The input and output are reversed.
(2) Strong climbing ability, suitable for different regional demands.

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4WD Transmission Detail

This cutting-edge product is designed to meet the growing demands of modern farming, especially for 4WD harvesters. Available in specifications 1.636, 1.395, 1.727 and 1.425, this gearbox ensures high performance, precision and reliability, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity in the field.

The four-wheel-drive transmission boasts a host of additional features that further enhance its capabilities. For example, it is designed to withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for work in demanding environments such as rough terrain, steep hills and uneven surfaces. This makes it an ideal solution for harvesting crops, clearing land and performing a range of other tasks where reliable and efficient machinery can make all the difference.

Plus, the technology behind the 4WD transmission is not only powerful and reliable, but also versatile. It can be easily customized to meet the needs of your specific harvesting application, which means it can be used on a wide range of harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery. This flexibility ensures that you can get the most out of your investment and enjoy the full benefits of this cutting-edge technology in your daily work.

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