Focusing on high-end agricultural implement, Zhongke Tengsen has successively released new products.

In January 2023, Zhongke Tengsen released a series of new products, covering mechanized operations such as tilling, sowing, and straw baling for major crops.

The agricultural industry is an essential sector for the world economy, and it is constantly evolving with the latest technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability. Zhongke Tengsen, a rising star in the agricultural machinery industry, is dedicated to the development of high-end agricultural implements that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of farming operations.

The hydraulic reversible plow and pneumatic no-tillage seeder are just two of the latest products from Zhongke Tengsen that demonstrate the company's commitment to innovation and product development. The development of these products is a result of extensive research and development, as well as careful consideration of customer needs in the farming community. These high-end agricultural implements are designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of farming operations, reduce labor costs, and improve the sustainability of agriculture.

All new products have undergone extensive practical operation verification, from cotton fields in Xinjiang to black soil in Northeast China and wheat fields in the Central Plains. These operations with various soil conditions and different agronomic requirements fully verify the adaptability and reliability of Zhongke Tengsen agricultural implement products.

With a focus on high-end intelligent agricultural products development and intelligent manufacturing, Zhongke Tengsen always adheres to the quality policy of "making quality products and putting customers first". From product research and development, verification to production and delivery, it strictly controls product quality.

As a rising brand in the agricultural machinery industry, Zhongke Tengsen's series of products such as power driven harrows, double-disc precision seeders, and straw feed balers have achieved excellent market performance and user reputation. It is believed that with more good products launched one after another, the road to "building a high-end agricultural machinery brand" will become more stable.

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Post time: Apr-28-2023
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