Common sense of no-tillage seeder maintenance

No-till planter manufacturers share common sense of machine maintenance

1. Always pay attention to whether the speed and sound of the machine are normal. After the work is completed every day, remove the clay, hanging grass, and clean up the remaining seeds and fertilizers. After rinsing and drying with clean water, apply anti-rust oil to the surface of the ditching shovel. Check whether the fixing nut is loose or worn. If it is loose, it should be tightened immediately. When the wearing parts are worn, they should be replaced in time. Add lubricating oil in time, check whether the fastening screws and key pins are loose, and eliminate any abnormalities in time.

Trailed no-tillage

2. Regularly check whether the tension of each transmission part and the clearance of each matching part are appropriate, and adjust them in time.

3. The dust and sundries on the machine cover and the dirt stuck on the surface of the ditching shovel should be cleaned frequently to prevent the machine from rusting after water accumulation.

4. After each operation, the machine can be stored in the warehouse if possible. When it is stored outdoors, it should be covered with plastic cloth to prevent it from getting wet or raining.

V. Storage period maintenance:

1. Clean up the dust, dirt, grains and other sundries inside and outside the machine.

2. Repaint the places where the paint has been worn off, such as the frame and cover.

3. Place the machine in a dry warehouse. If possible, lift the machine up and cover it with tarpaulin to prevent the machine from being damp, exposed to the sun and rain.

4. Before using in the next year, the planter should be cleaned and overhauled in all aspects. All bearing seat covers should be opened to remove oil and sundries, lubricating oil should be reapplied, and deformed and worn parts should be replaced. After parts are replaced and repaired, all connecting bolts must be tightened securely as required.Russian2

Post time: Jul-28-2023
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